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Paul Bailey

Creative Sector Public Relations

Strategic Planning

The traditional sector
The communications model in the past has used a mix of tools to promote a product, and in some cases the tool is the product:
Public relations/media relations
Online resources
Public affairs

What people want, why they spend time with your product

The issue is how to communicate with generation Y, those who are only used to electronic communications, as compared to generation X who tend to be in management and used to more non-social marketing channels.

Changing face of publishing

The current trend is for traditional sector lead publishers to stop producing just printed magazine or newspapers, and to publish material on their websites.

The next step is to look at how this step change is integrated into the other areas of work so it is one total campaign, and not a series of individual elements.

How social networking develops will also play an important role in securing a profile for products and companies. The public sector is only just realising the potential.

Given the correct product the possibility of working nationally and internationally is tremendous.

Key point

Develop strategic media plans, which are incorporated into the communications plans and evaluate the plans on completion.